Lacoste Celebrates 80 Years Of Their Iconic Polo



Riccardo Tucci
Jul 17, 2015
Men’s Style


To celebrate over eighty years of the LACOSTE polo – an iconic staple in the contemporary fashion wardrobe for men and women – the French brand launches an innovative campaign, #MyLacostePolo. This international campaign serves to highlight the brand heritage, all the while capturing modern and spontaneous snapshots of real polo looks.

With the participation of creative influencers globally (stylists, bloggers, actors, artists, musicians, designers, entrepreneurs, etc.) – over a dozen countries are participating in #MyLacostePolo campaign -, the targeted tastemakers showcase, in their own way, their authentic love story with the LACOSTE polo. The series of photographs illustrate each influencer’s own modern, cool and urban style, with the polo as the key focus of their look.

The photo galleries will be available on the LACOSTE digital flagship platform and will also encourage polo lovers from around the world to share their LACOSTE polo story on social media with the hashtag #MyLacostePolo. The campaign serves as a clever way to start a conversation with an engaged digital community with user-generated content around the LACOSTE polo.

In Canada, with « beautiful moments » photography showcasing influencers proudly and confidently wearing their LACOSTE polo in their everyday lives, renowned fashion photographer Richmond Lam perfectly captures the elegance and joie de vivre that are ingrained in the LACOSTE brand.

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