#784 / #0784 – Terry Togs




4 90.99 (2)

5 51.00back

6 #784 TERRY TOGS 4



terry togs 8655

terry togs 7650
7 #784 TERRY TOGS 5

8 784 4. PNG

A POSSIBLE URBAN MYTH: BELOW is listed, very occasionally, as “very rare”; a white version of the bathrobe. Thinking I really had come across something that was so rare I had never seen mention of it in any research I had done, I bought one. And much later, another, I even encountered a matching slipper, although the seller pulled it as she thought she would hold on until she could find the other, making a really rare pair. Over time I managed to find a couple of more, mixed in with other items, and not singled out. But still no sign in any research, which made me curious, so, having several of the original blue one, I bleached one, it turned bright white and fluffy and with the K intact…

let me know if you find out anything further, otherwise I am going with not real…lol…

8 reciept 3

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